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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Evolution vs Creationism

Evolution vs. Creationism

As a fairly new Christian [since February, 1999], and as one who studied Anthropology/Archeology in college, I am very familiar with both sides of this argument.

The truth is, both sides base their beliefs on faith.

During 1859 when Charles Darwin published his theory on the evolution of man, “Spontaneous Generation” was considered a “scientific fact”. In other words, frogs grew from stagnant water; worms came from manure, maggots from rotting meat, etc. etc. However, Louis Pasteur later totally discredited this theory and today scientists realize that spontaneous generation is utterly impossible, and yet they continue to teach that somehow, the source of the first life on earth WAS through this same disproven theory. (Of course - now some are saying that life here actually came here from another planet - so where did THAT come from???)

Creationists believe that all life reproduces “after its kind” as stated in Genesis.
Evolutionists point to small changes or adaptation within a species to try and argue that this proves evolution. Even Darwin said, “Not one change of a species into another is on record…We cannot prove that a single species has changed.” (Darwin, My Life and Letters, Vol I, p. 210). This is true even today.

So, as science continues to change theories etc. as new discoveries are made, God’s Word remains the same.

Evolutionists believe that in the beginning, there was nothing, and then it exploded.
Creationists believe that “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth…”(Gen 1:1)
I believe that my faith in creationism, as God has revealed to us, is no less credible than the faith of evolution. In fact, science continues to prove itself wrong, and God’s Word correct.

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At 7:13 PM, Anonymous bob said...

You are right on! The belief or non-belief of the first few Scriptures in Genesis will set your beliefs about everything in life forever. It will determine thinking on every level and actions that follow suit. It will also, if not corrected, determine the abode of eternity to be spent in


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