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Friday, August 4, 2006

No Cease Fire

Yesterday Hezbollah‘s chief spokesman said they will not agree to a cease-fire until all Israeli troops leave Lebanon. "Declaring a cease-fire is not the concern of the people of Lebanon as long as there is one Israeli soldier on Lebanese soil _ even one meter (into Lebanon)." He went on to say, "We will not accept any (Israeli) soldier staying on Lebanese territory, and it is the right of every Lebanese to fight until liberation."

On Lebanese soil? Fight until liberation? Did I read this correctly? Was Israel in Lebanon a month ago when Hezbollah started this war by an unprovoked attack and kidnapping of Israeli soldiers?

This war could have already ended. Israel stated very early on that if her soldiers were returned unharmed and the rocket attacks into Israel were stopped, this war would be over.

It is Hezbollah who is responsible for this war – along with supporters/suppliers Iran and Syria and every other liberal country/reporter/individual that is supporting the actions of Hezbollah and condemning Israel's right to self-defense. Lebanon plays a part as well and is not an innocent entity – as Hezbollah actually has representatives in positions of government in Lebanon. Notice how the spokesman quoted in the beginning of this post actually speaks on behalf of Lebanon, indicating the Hezbollah and Lebanon are as one.

If you poke a stick through the fence at the neighbor’s dog and tease and harass him day after day, week after week, and year after year, don’t be surprised or offended if one day the gate is opened, he gets loose, and aims straight for your jugular.


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At 9:00 PM, Blogger Brooke said...

What a bunch of crap! I wonder if the Hez that kidnapped the Israeli soldiers went more than one meter into Israeli land?

If they don't want a cease-fire, I say we oblige them...


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