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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

God is in the Details

Sometimes God proves Himself in the trials He allows us to experience.
When we are in trial, we are tempted to ask, “Where is God?” “Why isn’t He here helping me out?” “Why has God deserted me?” But often, if we would stop and take a spiritual step back, we would see that God is IN the trial with us. He is actually USING the trial to better us, to mold us, to teach us, and ultimately to form us more into the likeness of His Son.

I’m in a position of authority in the ministry I am in. Lately, I’ve been bombarded by trials, problems, challenges, employee spats, missed deadlines, mistakes, and office machine malfunctions (just to mention a few). For a few weeks there, I was starting to second guess myself, wondering why things weren’t running more smoothly, and why every time I turned around a new “opportunity” arose for me to have to deal with. Then rather suddenly, it dawned on me. I was praying during my morning prayer time and realized that about six weeks ago, I decided to ask God specifically to increase my leadership abilities. I asked Him to make me the leader and employee that He wanted me to be, so that I could be more of a positive force in the ministry that I was a part of.

Duh. Guess I’m a little slow.

Of COURSE I’ve been having trials and tribulations in the workplace. My coach, my mentor, is God Himself! He’s been going down the checklist, placing different situations in my path for me to deal with, and as I’ve dealt successfully with each one, He has moved on to the next trial – each time molding me, forming me, honing my leadership skills, showing me where I need improvement. And when I’ve failed a test, I haven’t gotten to go on to the next one. Instead, He just sent a new revised one for me to take again.

When I came to the realization today, what had seemed like a particularly stressful time in my career actually turned into pure joy. God is answering my prayer in a very real way! I feel His presence and realize with each new situation that He is right there, cheering me on, guiding me through His Holy Spirit, giving me Scripture daily that I can recall at just the time I need it to solve a problem.

I had to deal with an angry pastor today on the phone. When the secretary forwarded the call to me she apologized…”He’s really upset…sorry I have to give this call to you.”

I said a quick prayer and took the call. After about 10 minutes, all issues had been resolved, I was able to fix his problems and lighten the conversation and we actually ended the call on a positive note. As I hung up the phone, I breathed out a couple of quick breaths and turned to my friend and co-worker across the way. She had heard the whole thing.

“You are really good.” She said.

I shook my head. “No, God is really good.”

My trials have strengthened my faith.


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