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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Keith Ellison - Time to Say We Told You So - Already

For those who called us bigots and racists because of our opposition to Keith Ellison being elected to Congress, I say look up the word dhimmitude and be prepared at some point in the future to the possibility of being subjected to it.

After the Flight 300 fiasco, where 6 Muslim imams were justifiably expelled from the flight due to their suspicious behavior, a conference was held in none other than Representative-elect Keith Ellison’s Minneapolis district. Ellison attended the conference and also met privately with one of the six Muslim leaders.

Ellison and Socialist Nancy Pelosi had already met and determined that they would work to make racial profiling illegal through the End Racial Profiling Act. How fortunate for them that this incident happened so shortly afterwards. CAIR is trying to influence public opinion with statements concerning the incident such as "police and witness reports detailing the imams unusual behavior before their removal last month were ethnically and/or religiously motivated” In the name of political correctness, I predict the public and the half-wits in Congress will succumb.

Doug Hagmann, of the Northeast Intelligence Network wrote this:

Shifting the focus from the Imams' behavior at the airport and aboard the aircraft to the response by authorities is the very tactic of the Ideological Jihad being waged against the U.S. I described less than 12 hours after this incident took place. Now, it seems apparent that Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi, cozy with Representative-elect Keith Ellison, got the event they needed to push through this once-defunct and functionally flawed legislation... Convenient - yes. Coincidental - I doubt it.

Here is the entire article.

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At 10:09 AM, Blogger Brooke said...

Well, well, well... Who'd have seen that one coming?


We're in a heap of trouble.

Merry Christmas, Ms.Green!

At 3:15 PM, Anonymous Bob said...

There is no such thing as a "peacful" Muslim. They all study from the same book. In it it states that muslims that are out numbered in a nation are to pretend they are peaceful until the time comes for them to able to destroy that nation from with in.
Christians have let thier spines turn to jelly and have resorted to "in house" religion and let false Gods to be worshipped in our nation. God knows this and when our destruction comes it will be swift and horrible. But it will be just!


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