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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pedophile Political Party

There's a big furor going on today about a group in the Netherlands registering as a political party on behalf of pedophiles. Basically, what they want is to lower the age of consent to 12 and legalize kiddie porn and bestiality.
Why, I ask, is anyone suprised or shocked? Many have been saying for years that it would come to this. Since the 60s, society has been spiraling lower and lower into the depths of sexual perversion while Christians for the most part kept silent for the sake of "political correctness" and the need to avoid being seen as "mean-spirited" or "judgmental". What was considered abnormal and perverse, even by the medical and psychological community (homosexuality) is now "mainstream" and normal. Having babies out of wedlock is perfectly acceptable, especially in the Hollywood crowd where partners are changed more often than hairstyles. Being married to the same person for any length of time is almost a novelty. A recent survey said 67 percent of Netherlanders believe promoting pedophilia should be illegal, and 82 percent want the government to do something to stop the party's formation. These figures are alarming in themselves, indicating that 33 percent think pedophilia is ok and 18 percent wouldn't mind the new Party. In the US, the same survey would probably see similar figures. But give it time. Hollywood and the Media will indoctrinate the masses here too, and the tide will change, just as it did with the subject of homosexuality. Movies are now being made in this country to glorify pedophilia,(Whole New Thing, 2005) and it is the next logical step in the descent. Bestiality? Pretty disgusting. But don't think it is going to stop there. There's always necrophilia.
In the Book of Revelation, the 22nd chapter, Jesus says,"...Surely, I come quickly," to which the author John replies, "Even so, come, Lord Jesus". My sentiments exactly.


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