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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

100% or Nothing Law Enforcement?

Imagine the uproar if President Bush announced today that since we can’t possibly catch all the terrorists that are loose in the world, he’s decided that we’re going to just give up. No use in hunting down some of them if we can’t find them all. Or what about right here at home? There are so many unsolved murders, armed robberies, rapes, and other assorted crimes that we’ll probably never solve them all. So let’s quit trying to capture these guys. Pornography is rampant, but we can’t possible run down every slime bag out there – and besides, it is a multi-million dollar business – it would probably hurt the economy if we shut down all the smut operators. On all these issues, if we can’t bring them all to justice, why not just grant them all amnesty? We’re fighting a losing battle, right? Is this starting to ring a bell? It should. This is exactly the philosophy of the pundits in Washington who are pushing for an Illegal Alien Amnesty Program. We can’t catch them all, and besides, the economy would suffer. So let’s just give them all amnesty and everything will be ok. Since when did we decide on a "100% or nothing" law enforcement policy in this country? If we can't find every murderer, rapist, armed robber or burglar in this country, should we just give amnesty to them all? Why won't law enforcement officials go to these public protests and start rounding up everybody without a green card? What fear is there in the criminal if he can boldly commit his crime while law enforcement stands by and watches? Sure it would be an astronomical job at this point to round them all up at once - but what is wrong with "one criminal at a time"?


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At 11:16 AM, Anonymous bob said...

If I were to visit the Big Bend national park in Texas and decide to cross the river into Mexico just to say I have been there, and then turn around and come back across, I could be arrested and put in Jail. But what we need to understand about the illeagle invasion is that it isn't just people comong to make a better life no matter what the liberials say. Some may be doing this, but you can bet your last doller there is a communist plan behind it to destroy this Nation and what it stands for. While the invasion may look harmless to some it is a very serious to the freedom fiber of this nation. We must, yes must deport all illeagles and close the border. Then get tough on who and who may not be in America and who can become a citizen. Today we have terriosts living in America, known to be here, known where they live, or hide out, and they are allowed to stay. Get ready folks, America is in for a great battle in the streets unless we get tough on this issue!


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