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Sunday, June 18, 2006

NAFTA Super Highway - Blurring our Borders

NAFTA Super Highway - Blurring not only our borders, but our sovereignty.

The American public – at least those of us who still believe in the phrase “God bless American” should be taking note of the plans going on that are not widely publicized, but are not exactly hidden from us either… The NAFTA Super Highway is just one of those issues.


Here are the highlights:

*This highway will be the width of 4 football fields(10 lanes)and will run along the route of I-35 from the Mexican border at Laredo Texas to the Canadian border north of Duluth Minnesota. The reason given for this project is "to improve both the trade competitivemess and quality of life in North America."

*Mexican trucks will be allowed to cross the border in "fast lanes", checked only by electronic method, and will not have to stop until they get to Kansas City. This "Kansas City SmartPort" is where containers will be transferred to trucks headed out into the US.

*Both the Longshoreman's and the Teamster's Unions will be bypassed. And although I've never been a big Union fan, this is just one more thing to bring down the standard of living in this country and take jobs away from Americans.

The one-world government described in the book of revelation will not happen overnight. It is, however, being slowly but surely planned, shaped, molded, and implemented piece by piece, project by project.
Just as the EU is blurring the borders and sovereignty of European nations, we see the same thing happening on the continent of North America.

This could be one of the reasons that the Bush administration and Congress seem to have such a defeatist attitude about our illegal alien problem.

Further reading:

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