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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Islamists Stealing Academic Freedom in Canada

Our more liberal neighbor to the north, Canada is experiencing Islamic pains in its colleges and universities. Seems Muslims are slowly taking over the campuses in an effort to further their worldview (further meaning "force").

As usual, intimidation and threats are the modus operandi for these young Muslim adults in their effort to gain more control.

A few highlights from this article:

"the President of the Catholic Student Association discovered that the so-called ‘multi faith room’ was permanently booked by Muslim students. "

At Ryerson University in Toronto, the Hindu Conference of Canada was invited by University groups to speak on "the genocide against Kashmiri Hindus by Pakistani Islamists". Upon which it was reported "Pakistani Student Association executives had received threats by email about the event. Apparently, radical Islamists within the group threatened the PSA leaders for not opposing the ‘biased’ event. Ryerson security was contacted by terrified PSA executives."

"Muslim ‘students’ always seem to find time for Hezbollah rallies and other pro-terrorist demonstrations, leaving one to wonder how they get any time for academic pursuits"

"The halls and classrooms at Ryerson are often decorated with posters denouncing Israel, Islamic icons, and ‘anti- racism’ campaigns invoking ‘Islamophobia’ (as though that were the only form of racism in existence). Jonathon Vandersluis, President of Hillel Jewish group, suggests that Muslims are abusing their power to focus attention only on their issues. "

Islam - the peaceful religion.

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At 10:58 AM, Blogger Brooke said...

And who says that colleges aren't pits of indoctrination?


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