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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Being Nice Doesn't Make it Right

My sister lived in New Mexico for many years before cancer forced her to move back home closer to family. I had several opportunities to visit her, and have some personal observations about the Mexican people.

In the city where my sister lived, whites are a minority. And in a case where one people group is predominant over another, you often get a chance to see the true collective personality of the predominant group. I would have to say that the Mexican community in general (at least in that town) is a group of warm, caring, polite, and loving people. My sister lived in the same neighborhood with, worked with, friended with and worshipped with many Mexicans. I loved the people I met, and felt right at home. I’ve said all this because I don’t like being accused of being a racist – which almost inevitably comes up when one starts talking about the illegal alien problem in this county. How many of these individuals I met are actually legal American citizens? I can’t say. Some reports tell us that over half of the Mexicans living in the United States are illegal aliens. The number of the illegal aliens from Mexico has more than doubled in the last decade and now makes up 69 percent of the U.S. illegal population.

The problem with touchy-feeley liberalism is that being nice doesn’t make everything all right. God Himself said that there are none righteous in His eyes, so if we’re patting each other on the back for being “nice”, it still doesn’t excuse our sin.

The illegal alien problem and all it entails is one that the media doesn’t fully cover.
For instance:

*Only about 2% of the illegals in this country are actually picking fruit and vegetables.

*41% are on the welfare rolls.

*10 out of every 100 babies born in this country are to illegal aliens.

*60% of Housing and Urban Development funds go to illegals.

*13 Americans are killed every day by drunk illegals with no auto insurance. That’s over 4700 Americans yearly.

*Some $397 billion dollars in Social Services has been given to illegals in the last 10-12 years

*Some $14 billion dollars has been spent educating the children of illegals in our public school system

*There have been over 300,000 illegals incarcerated during that same period of time, costing the taxpayers approximately 1.5 billion dollars.

When we stand before God someday, He’s not going to have a big set of scales on which to put our good deeds and our bad deeds to determine whether or not we get into heaven. When faced with our own sin, we’re not going to be able to say, “but, God, look at all the good things I did – how nice I was to this person, or how I helped that person…” It won’t mean a thing. Because God’s standard is perfection – which is why He paid the price for us on Calvary – He knew we were incapable of perfection. And if we haven’t accepted this free gift of salvation that He offered us, then we will be rejected by heaven and have to spend eternity away from God in hell. In other words, He’s not going to give us amnesty.

Illegals should face the consequences of their actions as well. They’ve broken the law and are putting a huge burden on the taxpayers of this country. Amnesty is not the answer. Deportation is the answer. Even if we are unable to search out and find every illegal in this country, if our government would start punishing the illegals – round them up, put them in jail, and then send them back – if we would secure our borders, then that would have to send a message to those who are considering coming over here illegally – that it’s not worth the risk. We need a president and a Congress that will put the American people’s interest ahead of their own, and ahead of the illegals’.

Being nice doesn’t make it right.

Sources: Human Events


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