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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Child Sacrifices

I read an article today about an archeological discovery near Mexico City. The remains of several dozen children, ranging from about 5 to 15, were discovered laid out in the same position, facing east, around a shrine to a Toltec god Tlaloc, evidently as the result of a mass child sacrifice. The children had incisions on the vertebrae that suggested they had their throats cut by some sort of stone. Not a lot is known about the Toltecs. They predate the Aztecs, who believed that sacrificed children would become servants to Tlaloc in the next life and bring more rain. Evidently the Toltecs had at least similar beliefs.

I wonder, if humanity lasts that long, if someday archeologists won’t stumble across some landfill in North America and discover the bodies of many fetuses among other "medical waste" that will cause them to ponder what god they were sacrificed to and for what benefit. Maybe the god of convenience?

A sigh of relief at today’s Supreme Court Decision on partial birth abortion (i.e.: infanticide)

Presidential hopefuls’ reactions:

Romney- supports decision
Guiliani – supports decision
McCain – supports decision
Brownback – supports decision
Tancredo – supports decision
Clinton – does not support decision
Biden – does not support decision
Dodd – does not support decision
Edwards – does not support decision
Obama – does not support decision

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At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

powerful post and analogy, ms. green - and welcome back!



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