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Saturday, May 12, 2007

When God's Got Your Back

My husband is preparing to go on a mission trip in two days. He and six other men are flying to a little town called Pristina in Kosova (part of the former Soviet Union) for two weeks. There is a small Christian church there in that predominantly Muslim city that is reaching out with the love of Christ by giving something of value to the community.

This small little town once had a public park and playground, but Communism and war has ravished it. So our church, in cooperation with a Romanian group, has purchased a complete playground equipment package, plus tools, materials, plants, bedding material, etc. and the two groups are going to meet together in the middle of that small town and build a really nice park and playground so that the families in the area will have somewhere to bring their children to play. The people of the town are very excited about it. The Mayor and other local dignitaries are planning on having a press conference and grand opening upon completion, and have asked that our group bring an American flag so that they can fly it next to theirs. (and you thought the rest of the world hated America). The group has even had UN NGO status bestowed upon them.

I will post more on this trip later, but wanted to share how God has been protecting my husband from the enemy, who OBVIOUSLY does not want my husband to go on this trip.

You see, my husband has the spiritual gift of soulwinning. He has led many people to Christ, and has a passion for the lost. He has a way of communicating the Gospel that is powerful and convicting, but not threatening. He is praying that God will use the entire group and him personally to reach the lost for Christ. So the enemy has been doing everything in his power to stop my husband from going. But each time a new hinderance was thrown in his path, God put a stop to it.

First, my husband and I both became very sick with sinus infections just in the last week or so. God took care of that. We’re both healing well.

My husband was called to jury duty a week before the trip. They said going out of the country was not an excuse for getting out of duty. God took care of that. In the final pick of the twelve, my husband was not chosen.

Unexpected bills started falling on us. God took care of that and supplied the money.

My husband slipped on some sawdust and fell onto a moving table saw. God took care of that. Miraculously, in spite of his hand actually coming in contact with the moving blade, my husband got out of it with just a few minor scratches.

A brown recluse spider bit my husband, and he really didn’t realize it until almost a week later. God took care of that . When he went to the doctor, the doc was amazed that the skin around the bite had not totally deteriorated, and released my husband to go on the trip with a few antibiotics to go with him just in case.

On the way to the Doctor’s office, my husband came within inches of having a major wreck with a truck and trailer. God took care of that.They both saw each other in the nick of time and swerved.

A landlord called to say a tree fell on the house of my husband’s key employee on Thursday. They had two jobs that they had to finish before today, and my husband felt sure the employee would want to take off work to see about his house, which would keep them from completing the job. God took care of that.The employee elected to stay and finish work for the two days – said he needed the money and there was nothing he could do about the tree until the landlord had it removed.

As far as my husband and I are concerned, God has shown himself to us in a very real way this week. It’s as if He’s saying “I’ve got your back”. So am I worried about my husband traveling halfway around the world and spending two weeks in a predominantly Muslim country? Not at all. God can take care of that too.

For those of you who would, please pray that this trip will have a major impact on this little community and open the doors even wider in order to spread the Gospel. Pray that my husband will be used by God to be a witness to whomever wherever God leads.

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At 11:25 PM, Blogger mommy zabs said...

Praise God. It is so good to remember these things that I think sometimes we overlook. The accidents we almost have that he saves us from!

My husband went to cuba in march and the whole time leading up to it things kept coming up with his business and our lives... God took care of all of it though. And it went really well.

At 8:43 AM, Blogger Neil said...

What a great testimony! I prayed that God would keep protecting all of you.

And what a wonderful mission project! That will give countless opportunities to share the grace and truth of Jesus.

At 12:17 AM, Blogger David and Aleecia said...

Wow! We loved reading your post. We are praying for the team while they're away and can't wait to hear the reports from the trip.

At 8:30 AM, Blogger D.Daddio Al-Ozarka said...

I was reading about Kosovo this morning! He's going at an exiting time.

God is good, ain't he?


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