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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Institutes of Higher Learning?

Our colleges and universities continue to plunge their students deeper into the pit of secular humanism, narcissism and immorality.

There was a time when a university student newspaper was a showcase for the cream-of-the-crop in ideology, literary excellence and positive influence in the community. Those days are over if the recent issue of our local university's student newspaper is any indication.

In a recent issue of the student newspaper, the “Ask Ms. Nose-it-All” column read more like a low class tabloid than a publication representative of an institute of higher learning.

A student in one of the dorms wrote about the uncomfortable situation her roommate was placing her in by having sexual encounters late at night in a bed which was only six feet away from her own. The writer said she did not believe in sex before marriage, which compounded her embarrassment, yet she was hesitant to say anything about it, probably because of peer pressure. The advice guru, Ms. Nose-it-All proceeded to demonstrate her total lack of couth and intelligence by first accusing the writer of being jealous, then moving on to calling her a “hater” and suggesting she get her own partners. She showed a total lack of command of the English language with numerous grammatical errors, misuse of words, and a vocabulary unsuitable for print here. I understand that there is an adult advisor for this publication and wonder seriously if he was not on vacation that particular week. In addition, a disclaimer at the end of the column in no way excuses this type of trash coming from a school that seeks support from this community.

Here is an excerpt(I have omitted the inappropriate words - any mispellings, grammatical errors, or misuse of words is just as it was written):

One of the most important things to realize is that you must not, under any circumstances, refer to your roommate as a &#%$%, *!&$^%, skeezer, or back burner. These type of comments may land you in an emergency room. I wonder if these discretions are happening within the speed of light or if you've been bitten by a "little green monster".
Ask yourself the following questions: Is your roommates getting "busy" with someone you've either: a) been intimate with or b)want to be intimate with.
If the answer to the previous question is yes or maybe so, then chances are, you're just being a "hater" and you should find yourself a "boo"

A few other noteworthy quotes as well (again - grammar and spelling is hers, not mine):

Next time she has a "friend" over bumpin' and grindin,' get up and go to the bathroom, or turn on the televison.

If these tactics don't work, go to your resident assistant and request a room change because you cant spend your semester living with a trifling "hoochie mama."

Christian parents should seriously consider whether or not they want to send their kids to a secular university or college. The truth is, this type of column in our university's student paper is only symptomatic of the greater problems going on in campuses all across America.


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At 2:26 PM, Blogger ELAshley said...

I can't help but think the reason public education is the what it is, is to foster just this kind of intellect in college. Think about it. For 2 plus generations liberals have pounded their ideals into every young skull full of mush (as rush is wont to say) with liberal gobble-dee-gook. But to what purpose? To create the kind of America they can't get at the ballot box...

These teachers espouse Socialistic, Communistic, Secular Humanistic, Athiestic, even Pantheistic ideals, and insist America is the source of all ills in the world. That is the thought process, which has, I'm sad to say, become the underlying foundation of the modern Democratic Party. Their goal has been the same as any Communistic or Totalitarian Regime: Shape the minds of the children, and you Shape the future.

I know some will call me paranoid for that, but the evidence is all around us. And what you're seeing in that campus rag you've quoted is proof positive of the quality of our educational system, and the content they pound into all those all-but-helpless brains.

At 12:40 PM, Blogger Brooke said...

WOW. Just WOW.

EL is absolutely correct in his assessment.

Think hard before you write that tuition check.

At 8:18 AM, Blogger Neil said...

Your tax dollars at work. I saw in the National Review that a Washington university has a Diversity had a $3m budget and 55 employees.


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