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Monday, October 9, 2006

Territory vs Social Injustice

I read a very profound statement today at the end of this article.

The statement read: “The war in France is not about social injustice, but about territory.”

This article discusses the violence and unrest going on in France in the predominantly Muslim areas. It explains that though their parents came to France, knowing that it was a non-Muslim country, these youths were born here, and they consider France THEIR country and THEIR territory – and France is enveloped in none other than a civil war. An average of 14 police officers are injured each day. The government is being asked to provide police with armoured vehicles as part of their protection. The police are fighting Molotov cocktails, rock throwing, mob attacks on officers, burning vehicles and total chaos. And the media gives the situation an occasional passing reference.

Islam – the peaceful religion.

The world is not waking up to reality even yet. It’s almost incomprehensible that there are still people who refuse to equate Islam with violence, claiming that the extremists are few and don’t speak for the majority of Muslims. But the truth is, the Islamic war on the rest of the world is NOT about social injustice. It IS about territory – and Muslims see the world as their territory – as Allah’s territory – and they won’t stop until the deed is in their hands and the rest of the world's population is either in bondage, converted, or dead.

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