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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Distorting the Meanings of Racism & Sexism

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been called a racist since Obama came along.

The liberals seem to think he is off limits because he’s black. Can’t criticize him, can’t question his motives, can’t question his associations with undesirable characters, can’t scrutinize his time in the Senate. It’s all off limits because he’s black. If I dare to say anything negative about him, I’m a racist.

You just don’t want a black man to be your president. That’s what they say.

Enter Sarah Palin.

You’d think the same logic would apply, right? She’s a woman. So she’s off limits because she’s a woman. You shouldn’t be able to criticize her, question her motives, question her faith, her associations, her public record. It should all be off limits, according to the liberals’ logic, right? If you dare to say anything negative about her, you’re a sexist.

You just don’t want a woman to be a heartbeat away from being your president. That’s what they should say. The Women’s Groups, that is.

But they don’t.

Because it’s not about her being a woman. It’s about her being a conservative and being a Christian. That’s why Eleanor Smeal (The Feminist Majority), Deborah Frett (CEO of Business and Professional Women), and Kim Gandy (National Organization of Women) are all against Sarah Palin. It’s about abortion. They want to kill babies whenever, wherever, and for whatever reason, and they want to kill a lot of them. Kim Gandy says Palin (a professional women and mother) is “out of touch with American women.” Smeal said Palin (the Governor of the State of Alaska) was not a role model for feminists. She said “And so we are not against a woman being on a ticket for president. We wish it was a ticket that stood for women and women’s rights.” (read: abortion rights). These groups are also heavily populated by lesbian activists, so it’s about homosexual rights as well.

So there you are. You can be against Palin, and not be a sexist. But if you are against Obama, you are a racist.

Using some of their words, I have a few things to say about Obama.

I am not against a black being on a ticket for president.
I wish it was a ticket that stood for Americans and American’s values.
Obama is not a role model for blacks or for any Americans for that matter.
He is out of touch with Americans.
He is part of the elite.
He’s arrogant.
He unqualified to be president.

So I’m a racist. They say.


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At 10:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your post suprised me. Obama is part of elite? Come on!! Raised by single mother, food coupons, education loans...!! Bush, Gore, Kennedy are part of elite society. Certainly not Obama. I'm with you on issue based cricism. I agree with your concerns on religion, values and freedom. But I think you are dead wrong in calling him an elite!!
- V

At 10:35 PM, Blogger Ms.Green said...

Hobknobbing with Hollywood Celebrities, at a $28,500 per plate event, traveling Europe and speaking to the masses, the glitter, the jets, the limos, the near-worship of his supporters, etc. spells "elite" in my dictionary. Here's a picture of his house in Chicago:

I'm not saying that Mccain is not part of the elite either - he is.

Obama's past is not his present. Just because he was not part of the elite in his childhood does not mean he is not part of the elite now.


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