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Sunday, September 14, 2008

While in Paris this weekend, Pope Benedict XVI spoke out against what he called unbridled pagan passion for power, possessions and money.

He said “"Has not our modern world created its own idols?" Benedict said in his homily, and wondered aloud whether people have "imitated, perhaps inadvertently, the pagans of antiquity?"

Although there is a lot of truth in what the Pope said, I suggest that the Pope take a look at his own church if he wants to see imitations of the pagans of antiquity. Here's a few:

Transubstantiation – The belief that during Communion, the bread and wine LITERALLY becomes the body and blood of Christ.

Prayer beads – (the Rosary)

Lent – 40 days of sorrow and weeping for Tamuz

Maryolotry – Part of mother/child worship and the worship of the “Queen of Heaven”

Gargoyles – demonic looking “protectors” found on the cathedrals of Europe

None of the above pagan practices are supported by Scripture.


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