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Friday, September 5, 2008

Gustav - Those in Need aren't always Nice People

We’ve had evacuees in our town now for over a week because of hurricane Gustav. Much of what has come out of New Orleans and the surrounding area is here. About 7000people. It’s not pleasant. Churches, cities, and businesses have opened their doors to give these hurricane escapees a place of shelter and the good deed has been repaid with theft, violence, cursing, complaining, obscenity and disrespect.

In one location, an empty Walmart building has been set up to take in evacuees. It is in a part of town where shopping and eating facilities are within walking distance. There are cots set up and food is distributed several times a day by volunteer organizations. You’d think the evacuees would be thankful.

Here are a few remarks heard over the last few days.

Why have they got us in this Walmart? I want a hotel room.
I feel like I’m in a ^@#$# third world country.
They’ve got us packed in here like sardines.
Every time I have to go to the bathroom I have to walk through the @$@#&!# rain.
I can’t even get a %%!@^ pillow to lay my head on.
Bobby Jindal needs to let us go home. I’m sick of this ^!#$!^ place.

The manager of a nearby Family Dollar Store said yesterday that they were stealing her blind.
The McDonald’s across the street says they go into the restrooms a dozen at a time, steal all the toilet paper and paper towels, trash the place, and then leave.
Fights are breaking out in the civic centers and shelters, with obscenities and fists flying.
People’s few possessions they brought with them are being stolen out from under them.
Men and women are having sex right in front of the other evacuees.
Men are walking around soliciting sex and exposing themselves to the women.

I got a phone call today on my cell phone. When I said hello, a woman on the other end started cursing and screaming obscenities at me. I said “Who is this?”. She replied, “Who is THIS?, you ^%@#^%@. I replied, “do me a favor and stop cussing at me and hang up.” She said, “quit trying to disguise your ^%@^# voice, you %^%$#@&.” So I hung up on her.

About 2 minutes later my cell phone rang again. It was the same lady. “Where’s my *&&^$!@ food, you %#@$@?” I said, “Let me guess…you’re from New Orleans, aren’t you?” There was a long pause of silence as the person on the other end pondered what I’d just said. Then the obscenities started again. I hung up and laughed to keep from being disgusted.

Suggestion for Bobby Jindal. Next hurricane, erect a fence around the whole place and throw them life preservers and tell them to take care of themselves.

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At 10:44 PM, OpenID 4simpsons said...

That is so sad. We saw that big time in Houston after Katrina. The city did an amazing job in opening up for the New Orleans people. Some people had free housing for up to 2 yrs. (maybe more?) and never looked for jobs. Crime went up quite a bit.

At 10:56 PM, Blogger Ms.Green said...

I have a friend whose husband is in a prison in NE Louisiana. They brought up about 200 inmates from one of the prisons down south and because of that, there was a lockdown for the duration - they didn't want to mix the two groups for fear of gang fights etc. So she can't go visit him again until the inmates are transported back down south.

At 5:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I wrote earlier, this is purely a cultural issue. These people were never taught self-descipline, how to give respect, how to behave in public, the importance of following rules...etc.

All these start at home. Your parents are your first teachers. In most of these cases, they probably had no father!

It's really really sad to see how we are heading towards to becoming an irresponsible nation with almost half of new borns out of wedlock!!

At 5:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One more thing - your post also gives me a hope!! The hope that there are still good people out there who would help strangers who are in need of help.

Stay safe and don't put yourself in a dangerous situation.
- V


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