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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Homosexual Activism - a Powerful Force

How many times have we heard homosexual activists tout the American Psychological Association’s decision to remove homosexuality from the list of psychological disorders? Well, here’s some interesting figures to ponder.

The vote was not so impressive, or even overwhelming.

Out of close to 30,000 APA members at the time, the final vote was 5,584 to 3,810 to remove this sexual deviation from the list of disorders. This means that only about 37% of the group voted, and out of 25,243 members, a mere 22% of them decided for the entire organization. However, homosexual activists will say about the vote “58% voted to remove homosexuality as a disorder. Well – that is a partial truth. 5,584 is about 58% of 9394. However, it is only 22% of the total membership that year.

Makes one wonder, if in private, how many of the other almost 16,000 members would admit that they stayed out of this politically motivated vote, and are still of the opinion that homosexuality is a psychological problem. Even Simon LeVay, the “gay gene” proponent said “Gay activism was clearly the force that propelled the APA to declassify homosexuality.”

Prior to this vote, homosexuality was considered a mental disorder under section "302,Sexual Deviations" in the DSM-II. Here’s a quote from the DSM: "This category is for individuals whose sexual interests are directed primarily toward objects other than people of the opposite sex, toward sexual acts … performed under bizarre circumstances. … Even though many find their practices distasteful, they remain unable to substitute normal sexual behavior for them."

Now, because of the diagnostic code for homosexuality being removed, doctors are prevented from diagnosing homosexuality as a mental disorder regardless of their professional evaluation.

Here are two other interesting studies:

Prior to the political “gay rights” movement which insists that homosexuals are “born that way”, there were two major studies done – one in the 1940s and the second in the 1970s. Both of these studies involving homosexuals had essentially the same results: homosexuals overwhelmingly (some 80%) believed their homosexuality was the result of social and/or environmental influence.

Then the gay rights movement came onto the scene. In 1983, the Family Research Institute conducted another study with surprisingly (not really) different results. In their study, 35% of homosexuals believed they were born that way. But here’s an interesting side note: almost 80% of heterosexuals in the same study said their heterosexuality was learned behavior.

Believing that “God made me this way” greatly reduces, or even eliminates the need to search one’s heart to see if one is in sin against God, and to have to face one’s sin and repent of it. Denial helps eliminate the feelings of guilt.

Denial does not, however, eliminate guilt. Only asking God for forgiveness and accepting Christ as one's Savior can do that

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At 11:33 PM, Blogger Marshall Art said...

Ms. G,

Where'd you get these figures and this info? I'd love to post your article or the source for it (or both), but I know that I'd have to answer the same question if I did. I find it a fascinating piece of information, but strangely, I'm not surprised that I'd never heard of this. Hmmm. I wonder how that could be?

At 9:00 AM, Blogger Ms.Green said...

Marshall, email me and I’ll get the references to you. I’m running at the moment, but I’ll do it sometime tonight or tomorrow.

At 10:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good post.
- V


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