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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Obama Bullies Get to Kenyan Ambassador

It seems the Obamathugs have gotten to Kenyan Ambassador Peter Ogego.

I posted earlier about the radio interview with Detroit DJs in which Kenyan Ambassador Ogego clearly admitted that Obama was born in Kenya. There IS NO DOUBT.

But he was interviewed later by WND about it, and it was obvious he’d been bullied and told what to say:

Kenyan Ambassador Peter N.R.O. Ogego is saying he's "infuriated" by a radio program's efforts to "misquote" him on the subject of President-elect Barack Obama's birthplace – but he refused to confirm whether Obama was born in the United States.
In an exclusive interview with WND today, Ogego was specifically asked whether Obama is a natural-born U.S. citizen.
"I don't know," he said with a tone of irritation. "You should ask your government. I know his father is Kenyan."

He is even going so far as to say the hosts misquoted him and edited the audio.

No way. Listen to the audio yourself. If you don't want to listed to the whole thing, go into it about 12 minutes and start from there. Ogego knew clearly that the DJs were asking about President-Elect Obama, and not his father (They SAID President-Elect). Obama’s father was not even mentioned until AFTER their questions about Obama’s birthplace in Kenya. Why else would he have said “His paternal grandmother is still alive.”

The American people are not only about to have an illegitimate president, but a bullying one at that.

He’s bullying the Ambassador of another country now.

How soon before he is bullying all of us?

How long before the Detroit radio station is bullied into taking the interview offline?

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At 8:41 PM, Anonymous Herm said...

Ms.Green, I listened to the audio. He wasn't talking about Obama's dad. Either this birth certificate issue is one of the biggest urban legends in history or its one of the biggest cover-ups in our history? I'm still betting that it never gets to the supreme court. I'll be surprised if they choose to hear it. But I really like nice surprises. God Bless, Herm

At 8:54 PM, Blogger Ms.Green said...

Herm, I honestly don't think this is an urban legend. I think Obama is not legally qualified to be our president. I also think the powers-that-be are going to put him in there no matter what.

The SCOTUS will most likely decide that to rule against Obama would mean a bloodbath in the inner cities and other spots around the US. I don't think they'll want that on their hands.

I do believe if by some miracle he was found to be ineligible, there would indeed be rioting and violence in response. That is what we're dealing with. The breakdown of our country's civility.

At 9:16 PM, Anonymous Herm said...

Ms.Green, yes, I agree that if he's found ineligible, there certainly would be blood is the streets. No doubt about it. Sad, but there would be riots, killings, and all sorts of civil disorder. It makes ones mind go wild with speculation as how all of this could fall out. I also agree that the "powers that be" will certainly attempt to find a way to circumvent or get around it with some type of legal or legislative maneuver. This issue has gathered hugh interest in its outcome. So very interesting. God Bless, Herm

At 3:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

>It makes ones mind go wild with speculation

And I guess that you guys can't tell that that's all this is. If you have any proof that Obama wasn't born in the US then, please, lets hear it. Of course you don't.

You imagine that Obama isn't a citizen, you jump on any evidence that supports your imaginary accusations. Then when the very person who said the thing that you jumped on says that it wasn't what he meant, you decide without any reason to (other than your prejudice) he must have been forced to say that. After all, who is he to know what he meant when he has you to tell him.

It's not just that you live in a world devoid of reality, it's that you live in a world three steps removed from reality.

At 11:10 PM, Blogger Ms.Green said...

Hi, Anon.

I'd like to suggest to you that there is quite a lot of evidence that Obama is NOT a natural born citizen. For instance, you might want to read this article:

Why the Barack Obama Birth Certificate Issue is Legitimate

Also, if you will listen to the radio interview, it is clear that they were talking about Obama the president-elect, not his father. Even the Ambassador referred to Obama's paternal grandmother being there - there is no mistake he was referring to Obama, not Obama's father. Somebody got to him.

It's clear as a bell. It is you who is making imaginary accusations.

At 12:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, you'd like to SUGGEST that there's a lot of evidence that Obama isn't a US citizen, but the article you linked to presents absolutely no evidence that this is the case. Go back through the article and count the number of times phrases like "other people have", "it's possible that", and other qualifying statements are used. When you carefully parse the language you find that you are left with exactly what I said the first time- conjecture but no EVIDENCE.

And evidence is the reason so much fundamentalist dogma falls to the saboteur Reason. The same double standard exists in the ID controversy. Possibilities are presented as facts, facts are ignored if they don't answer every question. It is no wonder that reasonable people see you not as an investigator trying to unravel a mystery as a lawyer trying to present a case.

Fundies are fond of saying that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. This is an absurd statement on the face of it. Having no evidence of something is complete evidence for absence. If the thing is real there MUST be evidence. Trying to poke holes in evidence is not evidence, it’s a last ditch strategy that a defense attorney uses if he is losing.


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