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Friday, May 8, 2009

We're from the Government. You Can Trust Us

A recent audit of the Massachusetts law enforcement agencies uncovered abuse of the state’s criminal records system. It seems law enforcement personnel have improperly and illegally searched for information on “high profile” citizens for reasons other than official business (i.e. curiosity, ill intent, etc.)

Some of the things searched for were driver’s license numbers and photos, home addresses, car ownership, social security numbers, gun purchases, etc.

The US Government is putting more and more information together about its citizens – much of it without the citizens’ knowledge. We’re supposed to feel comfortable about that?

How will Obama’s proposed National Medical Records Database be abused and used against its citizens? Add that to the GPS coordinates being taken on every household in America, Google’s Street View, and proposed Internet control and surveillance

Big Brother won’t just be watching you. He’ll be writing a biography.

Guess who won’t get the royalties.

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