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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Character Still Matters to Some of Us

Every time Bill Clinton ran for office, the political pundits to the right repeated the same mantra.

Character matters.

Character matters

Character matters.

That’s right! I said. You tell'em! Character DOES matter. We don’t need to put someone in the White House who has questionable character and morals.

Fast forward to the 2008 Elections.

The same political pundits on the right who were chanting about character now seem to be so enamored with Rudy Giuliani that they’ve forgotten their own words.

Or were they just spouting off along party lines?

Rudy Giuliani is not a man of character or high morals. Multiple affairs and questionable behavior throughout his public history leave no doubt that if he was running on the Democratic ticket, his character would definitely be an issue.

So what do Rush, Hannity, and other have to say to that? How CAN they say anything? They can’t justify their support of this guy, even with the “anybody is better that Hillary” argument.

I’m so tired of politics as usual.
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At 10:37 PM, Anonymous Herm said...

Sooo glad your back Ms Green. yes, politics have become so evil. I believe I will not vote this election because I cannot find myself choosing between the lessor of two evils. This will be the first time in over 45 years. God Bless, Herm


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