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Monday, February 18, 2008

The Next Generation of Christians

The statistics tell us that we are losing our youth to humanism/atheism/secularism and all those other nasty “isms” so prevalent in today’s world. So it is extremely exciting to me when I see young people whom God has called to be the leaders of our next generation of Christians.

Here are a few that really give me hope for the future generations:

Mike Lofton – On a mission to expose the false doctrines of cults and how to witness to them.

A young Creationist who is a genius at articulating his beliefs and discrediting evolution.

A Christian band that seeks to bring young people to Christ through worship in song.

Some others that I admire and pray for regularly but who don’t necessarily have a web presence (first names only – you guys know who you are)

Heath - an awesome College pastor and a young man who seeks God daily in his walk and gets excited talking about Scripture
Ashley – a dynamic young woman who loves the Lord and has a passion to teach young women to be Godly women
Jason & Jessica - a couple that loves children and family, and a young pastor with a passion for God and youth
Neill - his music is his worship
Kevin - his music is his worship
Angela – Is going to be a Christian Attorney very soon! Go, girl!
Trey – sold out for God and will probably be a medical missionary some day (go Trey!)
Jonathan – A man who served out country to protect our freedoms and now serves God in protecting our youth from the world by teaching them to walk in the Spirit and seek God’s will for their lives.

There are many others, and I’m probably leaving someone out because of my limited memory cells (?). Young people, struggling through this anti-Christian world, but striving to be godly men and women. Denise, Jada, Lowry, Erin, Melissa, Amber, Abigail, etc. etc.

I thank God for each one of you, and how you are making a difference for Him in your generation. I pray your generation will serve Him better than mine has.


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At 3:02 PM, Blogger Angella214 said...

The test is next week...please keep me in your prayers!

At 3:29 PM, Blogger Ms.Green said...

I'm excited for you, Angella. I will be praying.


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