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Friday, May 9, 2008

Risky Behavior

They call universities and colleges places of “higher learning”. Too bad that so many universities and colleges don’t know this.

Our local university has a student newspaper that I try very hard to avoid reading, but my nursing student son loves to plop it down at my place at the table, knowing I won’t be able to resist reading it, knowing that the lack of substance, the poor grammar and spelling, and warped ideology among its pages will raise my otherwise low blood pressure. He gets a kick of seeing mom turn red.

This month’s edition didn’t let him down.

Louisiana legislators are considering allowing individuals with concealed carry permits on campus. Up until now, even if one has a legal license to carry, it is illegal to carry on campus. Legislators have decided after the numerous shootings at universities around the country that maybe students would have a fighting chance of surviving a Seung-Hui Cho , a Peter Odighizuwa or a Robert Flores type attack if they were allowed the right to arm themselves.

So the local rag…er…newspaper sends out their “man on the street” to interview students and ask them what they think about the possibility of allowing students to carry concealed weapons on campus. Of all the students interviewed, surprisingly they could only find one person who saw the logic in it. The rest had comments so naïve as to be laughable. I really did not make these up.

Even the most level headed person can have a day when nothing goes right, and well…if they had a gun, that could turn out to be a bad thing.” [Yeah, every time I have a bad day, I want to kill somebody.]

Let campus security handle it.” [Ha! This was the funniest remark]

Guns are dangerous, and will give people excuses to kill people, and nobody should have that right.” [No kidding, somebody really said this.]

Guns will just bring more violence toward the campus.” [My question was, where is the violence now and how will CCLs move it towards the campus?]

After shaking my head and lamenting the next generation’s surrender to liberal ideology, I skipped over a few pages to find an article entitled “Trojan Evolution Tour Hits Campus”. Seems the makers of Trojan condoms were on campus this past week promoting their products under the guise of a “Safe Sex” campaign. They had booths set up around campus displaying their products, had “condom relay races”, “put the condom on the banana” contests, free Trojan t-shirts, etc. A full page of the paper was devoted to the fun and festivities in honor of the wonders of latex. Students who were interviewed all gushed with glee and felt this was a needed event on the campus since everybody is having sex.

Now, I ask you this. Which is the more risky behavior?

1. Allow an adult age 21 or older, who has been thoroughly screened, had background checks done on them, been required to pass both written and hands-on testing on gun safety ,handling, and firing, to responsibly carry a weapon on his or her person for the express purpose of self defense.


2. Encourage students as young as 17 to go ahead and experiment with their sexuality in a town and on a campus rampant with STDs and tell them it’s ok if you use a condom.

I’d like to see someone compare the ratio of condom failure to the ratio of people with CCLs who use their guns illegally or in an improper way. I can tell you there is no question as to which of the two behaviors listed above is the more risky and irresponsible. Is this so hard to see?

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At 11:40 PM, Blogger Mark said...

To me, it's a no-brainer, but of course, I know how to think for myself.

At 6:34 AM, Blogger Ms.Green said...

You may be on to something here, Mark. When I discuss something like this one-on-one with a student, they often have a light bulb go off in their head and say something like "Oh yeah, I hadn't thought about that."

Thinking for themselves...what a novel idea!

At 10:03 PM, Blogger Marshall Art said...

Is this so hard to see? For some, apparently so. For others, purposely so. Neither is good for the rest of us or themselves.


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