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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Liberals: Pride or Ignorance - Which is It?

I have resigned myself to the fact that blacks all over America are going to vote for Obama for one reason. He’s black. But even if he received 99.9% of the Black vote, he could not win. African Americans don’t make up a big enough percentage of the population to determine the outcome of this election.

If Obama wins, it will be the White liberals who put him in. That is where I am confused.

I understand liberals and conservatives. But libs and cons can only survive together in a democracy. In a socialist state, it won’t matter. The government will be the only thing that matters. Your voice, whether liberal or conservative, will not be heard.

There is too much information (fact) about Obama that tells us he is not the man to put into the highest office of the land – the most powerful position on the face of the earth.

Forget Bush. I know libs hate him. They HATE BUSH. They hate him with a passion. They are obsessive about their hate. Fine I accept that. It’s ridiculous, but I accept it. I couldn’t stand Bill Clinton – but I didn’t hate him. I couldn’t stand Jimmy Carter, but I didn’t hate him.

So is hate such a driving force in the liberal’s psyche that it would cloud their judgment to the point that they would put a man in office who has openly declared his redistribution of wealth plans? Would they put a man in office whose closest friends hate the United States and want to destroy it? Do the liberals want to destroy America? Then what will take its place?

Do they really think it's a great thing that abortion on demand will be the law of the land, and hundreds of thousands of additional babies will be murdered each year? Do they really think it's a great thing that homosexual marriage will become the law of the land?

Does anyone out there realize that the talk of redistribution of wealth is bogus? The rich man will not give up his wealth. He is the one who has businesses. He supplies jobs. If you tax him to death, he’ll close shop and go home and you’ll be out of a job. It is the middle class that will suffer and fall. Then there will be only the very rich and the very poor. No middle class.

As the new facts unfold about Obama, the liberals are steadily in denial. This can only be for two reasons. Either they are SO PROUDFUL that they can’t admit they were wrong about BHO, or they are totally unable to comprehend the ramifications of putting someone like him in power.

Pride or ignorance? Which is it?

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At 4:45 PM, Blogger Marshall Art said...

Mostly ignorance, I'd say. Perhaps outright stupidity. As you say, there is simply too much that shows Obama is unworthy of the support, much less the Big Chair in D.C.

I also agree that likely it is hatred of Bush and Republicans, or at least it's a factor. It's so bad that they will overlook anything to prevent another Republican president.

But to listen to them defend their support for Obama, it comes down to stupidity, lying, ignoring the facts, or not taking the time to learn them in the first place because they're so geeked about electing a black guy, which is racist.

At 6:23 PM, Blogger Ms.Green said...

They are in for a rude awakening if their guy makes it. Then it will be "what with this? this isn't what I voted for! "

At 4:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don’t hate President Bush. I think he’s an intellectual underachiever who got elected by duping a lot of theocrats in the country by saying the right buzz words and having no intention of doing anything to further their agenda.

Why are we voting for Obama?
2 wars
A ruined economy and a trillion dollar socialist bailout
(I notice you only worry about socialism when it’s helping the poor)
Suspension of habeas corpus
Allowing the worst attack on the US since Pearl Harbor
Record deficits
Signing statements
Ignoring the law and the constitution
Secret searches of bank, credit card and library records
Use of law enforcement as a tool to enforce political ends
Tax cuts for the people who need them the least
(again, it’s only socialism when it’s the middle class getting a tax cut, when it’s the rich it’s prudent tax reform)
I could go on.

You know the last time we had a major financial crisis the republicans had been in power for the decade previously as well. And it took FDR’s “socialism” to pull us out of the hole that “deregulation” had dug and keep people from starving. Frankly, you guys have had your chance for the last eight years and the only thing the administration can say is that we haven’t had TWO unprecedented terrorist attacks. You’re guy has failed miserably at virtually everything and all you can say about Obama is that you still believe the character assignation that’s become the GOP’s only platform plank. Last time you bought into the idea that a guy with three purple hearts was less of a soldier than a guy who used his influence to stay out of the war. If the GOP has no credibility left, it’s their own fault.

Pride. Perhaps embarrassment of what you’re doing to our country is more like it.


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