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Thursday, December 4, 2008

What will get you Banned from Commenting on My Blog

This post is for one reason: To show why I will not allow any more comments from Anonymous from Tennessee.

The following is a list of remarks made by Anonymous over the last month or so, some I’ve deleted and some have posted. This is an example of how not to get published on my blog.

It is not, as he accuses, because I don’t allow anyone who differs in opinion from me.
It is not, as he accuses, because I can’t stand anyone to disagree with me.
It is not, as he accuses, that I can’t defend myself.

It is because of his ad hominem attacks.
It is because of his personal insults.
It is because of his lack of substance to anything he says in disagreement with me.

I believe his remarks back up my reasons for banning him from this blog. (Grammatical and spelling errors are his, not mine.)

Wow, he's as dumb as you are. Can't run a business, lost his money, and yet he votes for the party that would keep him a slave.

Well, what do you expect from people with low IQs and no education?

Run. Hide behind your moderation. I notice that most conservatives can't stand a real debate. If you had real faith in your ideals you would face me.

But you don't. Do you?

But I do apologise for calling you dumb. A dumb person couldn't figure out how to set the text size to a readable type.

Oh, wait...

The whole country is in the position of changing their browser settings to eliminate your mistakes.

Me too, you see, I know nobody reads this tripe so publish or don't. And blame it on my incivility. That's a lot better than just saying that you can't stomach democracy and free speech because you're a fascist.

But we both know the truth don't we? The Taliban can't stand free speech either. Theocrats are all the same.

Closed minded people only look for echo chambers so they can hear their own voice.

Your blog isn't offensive to me. But I have a poor ability to "suffer fools gladly" and my religion says that I have to confront anacephalics because God meant for us to have brains, and use them.

Wow, do I feel sorry for the black children in your classes that have to deal with your racism.
Liberals aren't afraid of you (but that fantasy does explain alot), and the last time a bunch of rednecks decided to revolt because their property was being taken away it didn't work out so well for them. Still, good luck living in 1850.

Homophobia masquerading as spirituality.

But comfortable fantasies are much preferred to actual reality by many (I'm looking at you, herm) and he seems to speak for them.

It's not just that you live in a world devoid of reality, it's that you live in a world three steps removed from reality.

Wow, you've got it much worse than I thought.

It's sad how an overdose of religion can turn individuals into Osama-like haters!!

Sounds like you rednecks are working themselves up for another thumping. Can't wait to see how your gun show pea-shooters hold up against the United States Military.

I rest my case. - Ms. Green

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At 10:57 PM, Anonymous tremulantclarity said...

Sad really. It is said that he who cannot add argument adds insult.

At 10:59 PM, Blogger Ms.Green said...

Trem...nice to hear from you again. Please stop by more often.

At 11:54 PM, Blogger Marshall Art said...

Personally, I'm far too lazy to keep up with idiotic comments on my blog. Keeping them out seems like too much work, and idiots aren't worth the effort. For me, it is much more fun to let them display their buffoonery and then to mock them for it. Anytime they lay down their attitudes, I then converse normally. When their nastiness resurfaces, so does the mockery. Y'know how you always wish you'da thoughta somethin' good to say at the time? With the blog, you can take the time to come up with something if something doesn't pop up at the time. It's great fun and it trains you for face-to-face confrontations with wise guys.

Not very Christian, I know, but then, I'm only a practicing Christian, not a perfect one.


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