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Friday, December 4, 2009

Enemy of my Enemy

We on the right are aware of the contempt that the radical liberal left has for our Constitution. Occupants of Congress, and even the White House itself have shown their unashamed disregard and disrespect for the sacred document that our country is founded upon. Presently we have the Harry Reids, Nancy Pelosis, BHOs, and let’s not forget the former president Bill “I loathe the military” Clinton. Even George W. showed some disregard for the document, though not nearly as egregiously as the present occupant has. Our mainstream media has been in bed with these Constitution haters increasingly more often, and as in any person’s life who is hiding something, sooner or later they’re going to slip up and the truth is going to come out.

Alan Keyes makes some excellent points on this subject today about a remark that liberally biased Chris Matthews coughed up concerning the President’s recent visit to West Point.

Here is an excerpt:

But America's military leaders have been educated to respect the authority of the Constitution, not that of any given individual or faction. As this safeguards the liberty of the people, it also makes the professional discipline of the military a reliable friend to all government officials who act with respect for its constitutional provisions. If Obama faction zealots like Chris Matthews instead see the educational home of that military tradition as the "enemy camp," their apprehension speaks tellingly of their own deep abandonment of the constitutional loyalty they apparently fear in the honorable defenders of the Constitution.

My enemy is the liberal who hates what the founding Fathers of this country envisioned. The enemy of my enemy is the US armed forces, who have sworn to uphold the Constitution. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yahoo Top Ten Searches Reflects Ignorance of the Masses

Whether you are on the left or on the right, one thing is clear. If you follow politics, if you are concerned about your country, or are following world events and how they will affect you personally, you are in the minority. Most of the world could care less.

Or at least, most of the industrialized world.

Yahoo listed their top 10 searches for 2009, in order.

I suspect Google's top 10 would be very similar.

Michael Jackson
The Twilight Saga
Megan Fox
Britney Spears
American Idol
Kim Kardashian

Notice a pattern here? All ten searches have to do with activities that allow mental or visual escape from reality.

This tell me several things.

*People either don’t care about the world around them or feel helpless to do anything about it.

*People are basically ignorant.

*Liberals and Conservatives fighting each other over policies and ideology are a small group compared to the masses.

*Obama’s appeal was in great part an “escape” to a lot of voters. They obviously knew little about who he really was…or didn’t care. He and his handlers have known this all along and their strategies reflect this. This is the why of the near-idol status of the first Black president, the Greek columns at his acceptance speech, the Wednesday night parties at the White House, the topless pics at the beach, etc. etc. ad nauseum.

And the Republicans gave us McCain. The anti-idol.
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