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Thursday, June 1, 2006

Catering to Less Than 1% of Population (The real statistics on homosexuality)

Hollywood and the media in general have managed to convince the majority of people in this country that homosexuality is widespread, and with that idea, it seems to become more “normal” since there are supposedly so many engaged in that lifestyle.
It’s not as easy as you’d think, but if one does one's research and really looks – keeping in mind the sources for one's information – one will discover that the “1 in 10” claim just isn’t substantiated. That claim is the result of the Kinsey report of 1948 and has been the mantra of the homosexual community for decades. However, the Kinsey report has since lost all credibility due to the flawed data collection methods utilized in the study.
Since 1980, in multiple studies, more reliable data has been collected and compiled, and these numbers indicate that practicing homosexuals make up approximately 1- 1.5 percent of males and .5 to .75 percent of females. These figures are based on the number of adults who report having had same-gender sex within the last year. For adults reporting having had same-gender sex during their lifetime, the figures are around 4-5 percent and the percentage of adults who admit to strong reoccurring same-gender attraction, the figure stands at about 4 percent.
The 2000 Census showed us this:
The total population of the US was 285,230,516
The total number of households was 106,741,426
The total number of unmarried same-sex households was 601,209
The total number of same-sex male households was 304,148
The total number of same-sex female households was 297,061
The total number of people in unmarried same-sex relationships was 1,202,418. This figure equals only .42% of the population, or less than one half of one percent.
The conclusion is that the more reliable studies indicate a very small percentage of the population actually claiming to be homosexual.
So why do corporations continue to be bullied by the militant pro-homosexual groups? Why do politicians cower? Why do we as individuals continue to be intimidated into silence? We Christians especially, are weak.
I shudder to think about the world my grandchildren will have to live in. I don’t have answers to my own questions because I can't speak for anyone but myself. I don't however, intend to be intimidated into keeping quiet about the truth.


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At 11:54 AM, Anonymous bob said...

Homosexuality is one of the most serious and dangerous sins because it doesnt't take many to destroy a lot. Inside the secular lost people is a soul crying for release from a God and his restrictions. This brings about multitudes who will support Homsexuality simply thinking that it will help bring about less control from God and more release unto the secular living. They think that if they can accept the sin of Homosexuality then it will take away some of the guilt they feel from the God conscienceness that keeps on bothering them even if they themselves are not homosexual. What they don't realize is that in most cases when they make the choice to support the terrible sin of homosexuality, soon the call of God becomes faint and then stops altogether. Trying to escape God they enter into the eternal abode of Hell and scream in torment forever.
What really goes on in a Homosexual relationship is never told in the liberial media. The violence, drug use, rampant diseases of all kinds, tortue and murder of children, suicides and many more terrible things.


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