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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

The Federal Marriage Amendment - It will be back

The Marriage Amendment will be back.
Despite what opponents have said, this is not and can not be a states’ issue because homosexual and judicial activists are going to continue to challenge state marriage amendments.
Today while the Senate killed the Federal Marriage Amendment vote, voters in Alabama passed a state constitutional amendment by 81% of the vote. Alabama already had a law prohibiting same-sex marriage, but because of what other states have been doing in granting civil unions or domestic partnerships, they took a preventative measure by passing the amendment now. This makes a total of 20 states that have passed some sort of marriage protection act. Other states are set to vote on amendments later this year. However, state amendments are always vulnerable in federal court as in Nebraska, where its marriage amendment was challenged in federal court in 2005 and ultimately stuck down. Homosexual activists will continue to challenge states passing such amendments, and with the judicial tyranny present in our courts today, you can expect to see other states’ amendments overturned as well. This fight will not end until either we get a Federal Constitutional Amendment to protect marriage, or until the 1% of the population gets their way and has same-sex marriage recognized in all 50 states. And since this issue averages around 70% voter approval in the states that have voted, Congress had better wake up. Mary Landrieu chose to ignore 78% of the voters of my state and vote the Federal Amendment down. Not only will I be voting against Mary next election – I will be actively campaigning against her if anybody even remotely qualified runs against her. I challenge others in my state to do the same.


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