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Friday, June 23, 2006

Lesbian Lover Listed on Birth Certificate as "Parent"

In Ontario recently, a Judge ruled that the names of two lesbians both be listed on the birth certificate of one of their children, since that child was conceived through artificial insemination and they are a “couple”.
In his ruling, the judge stated, “Lesbian mothers live in an atmosphere of homophobia that only is exacerbated when rules and conventions leave an impression that "there is something wrong or unnatural about their families.” The plaintiffs’ lawyer went on to say, “Likewise, for children of lesbian mothers -- who are even more vulnerable than their parents to the lack of symbols of their families in popular culture -- exclusion of their parents from birth registration furthers this vulnerability."
The reason there are a lack of symbols of their “families” in popular culture is because theirs is not a true “family”.
You say we don’t need a Federal Marriage Amendment? Think again. Just as in Canada, the homosexual activists in this country will not stop until they get full recognition as “normal” and “natural”.
Regardless of what these individuals say, or what some court rules, only one of these women is a “parent”. And as much as the other woman would like to be considered a "parent", the truth is she is an illicit live-in lover.


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