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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Judicial Activism

What is Judicial Activism?
What is a Judge’s Proper Role?

There is a great article here about Judicial Activism that not only explains the many ways Judges overstep their authority, but suggests things we can try to do about it.

The next president of the United States will be appointing judges not only to the Supreme Court, but other Federal courts as well. With McCain looking like the Republican nominee, I’m not sure it’ll make a lot of difference at this point. However, in light of the article I mentioned above, I thought I’d quote a Scripture I found the other day that speaks to those who would sit on the bench.

And he set judges in the land throughout all the fenced cities of Judah, city by city, And said to the judges, Take heed what ye do: for ye judge not for man, but for the LORD, who is with you in the judgment. Wherefore now let the fear of the LORD be upon you; take heed and do it: for there is no iniquity with the LORD our God, nor respect of persons, nor taking of gifts. II Chronicles 19:5-7

I wonder how many judges ever read a Bible.


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At 2:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why should it matter if Judges have read the Bible? We are a nation with separation of Church and State (Thank God).

At 7:12 AM, Blogger Ms.Green said...

You are mistaken. The separation of church and state that you are referring to does not exist. Many of the laws of this land were inspired by God's Word. Why shouldn't judges at least be familiar with the Bible?

I find it mildly amusing that you would end "We are a nation with separation of Church and State" with "(Thank God)".

The God I worship is the giver of all good things, including the very breaths you and I take. Why would I want to separate Him from any aspect of my life, including the way in which my nation is governed? Is your God not up to the task?


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