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Friday, May 15, 2009

APA in the Beginnings of Reversal on Homosexuality?

In September of last year I wrote about the APA’s removal of homosexuality from its list of deviant behaviors, and how it was obvious that this move was coerced by threats from the radical homosexual community. I further exposed the fact that the vote was by no means unanimous nor even did it set a mandate for all psychologists to follow.

In light of the revelations set forth in that article, I find the news this week especially interesting.

APA Revises “Gay Gene” Theory

Gay Gene Claim Suddenly Vanishes

Could it be that members of the APA are realizing what a mistake they made, and how they’ve opened Pandora’s Box to release a legion of sexual deviants onto the landscape to do whatsoever they will – with no restraints and no accountability?
I'd guess that they have, and they're trying to determine the best way to do damage control and redeem themselves for their egregious mistake.

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