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Saturday, February 14, 2009

You Never Know Who's Watching

There is a little convenience store close to where I work, and most mornings I stop in and pick up a breakfast bar to have with my coffee at the office. I’ve befriended the manager and most of the employees who work in there. We don’t really know each other, but we recognize each other. A few of the cashiers know me by name.

I’m always aware that to be a Christian is to be in the spotlight. The way I interact, the way I react, is always under scrutiny. I try to be ever mindful of my responsibility to be a good witness, and make it a point to be friendly, polite, patient, and kind. I’ve witnessed to several of them, including the manager, and they are always polite, but not too receptive of the message. I usually get the “that’s really nice of you” look and patronizing smile, but that’s ok. The Bible says we are either planting, watering, or reaping.

This morning I made my usual stop, grabbed the bar and headed for the line at the cash register. I smiled at the manager and said hello, greeted the cashier, paid for my purchase and headed out the door.

As I walked toward my card I heard a voice behind me.

Uh…excuse me, could I ask a favor of you?

I turned to see that the manager had followed me outside. She looked like she felt a little awkward.

Excuse me. What was your name again, she asked.

I told her.

I was wondering if I could ask a favor.

Sure, I said, wondering silently what I could possible do for her.

I need someone to pray for my grandson…

She then spilled her heart out, telling me the problems and trials he was going through, obviously worried about him and feeling helpless about doing anything about it.

I assured her I would be praying, and would enlist the help of others in my church. She seemed to relax and cheer up a little. I asked her to keep me posted on her grandson.

She smiled and thanked me, then quickly switched back into manager mode and disappeared back into the store.

She didn’t know my name. But she knew I was a Christian.

Planting seeds. Watering…and God will reap at just the right time.


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At 8:29 AM, Blogger David Wyatt said...

Amen, Ms. Green. I have had something like this happen a time or two. I know I am NOT the witness I want to or should be but I thank God that in His grace He even uses fools like me from time to time! I try to make it a point as well if possible to pray right on the spot, even if it is a brief one (& that is usually best unless the circumstances allow otherwise) since my memory is going as well! God Bless you for sharing this!

At 8:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great reminder on the importance of being humble and approachable. Blessings to you for that.

Yes, plant, water and repeat!

At 10:48 AM, Blogger Always On Watch said...

A beautiful post! Our Lord does have His own ways of using each of us as his means to show His love.

I’m always aware that to be a Christian is to be in the spotlight. The way I interact, the way I react, is always under scrutiny.

This is important to remember. I always get disheartened when a Christian with the fish magnet on the car behaves in a shameful way on the road.

At 7:37 AM, Blogger Mark said...

That's why I don't put Christian bumper stickers and fish and things like that on my car. I know I wil act like a heathen sometime, and I don't want to be the one stumbling block that prevents someone from coming to Christ.


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